Fabulous Florence 

Ciao Everyone!

I apologize because I have been slacking on my blog lately due to poor wifi in Hostels, and the lack of internet connection in the cities. I am HOME safe and sound, but that will not derail me from sharing the rest of #myjourneythroughitaly with you all.

My next stop was Florence, which is of course the home of famous artwork, old bridges, good wine, and beautiful architecture.

I began my Florence experience at a family owned Tuscan winery called La Tancia.

The propery was peaceful and quiet, and the vineyards were BEAUTIFUL. While at this winery, I got to sample 6 different kinds of Tuscan wine. My favorite red wine by far was the Chianti Riserva. I decided to buy two bottles (the maximum amount of wine you can bring home in a suitcase) to share with my family.

I was really happy that we were able to tour the winery at the end, and see where they store, bottle, and distribute the wine.  

After the winery, we went straight into the city of Florence. I immediately fell in love with the architecture of the buildings and bridges. 

Pictured below is the stunning Santa Maria del Fiore, or otherwise known as The Duomo. 

Attached to it is the tower that contains over 500 stairs that lead to the highest point in Florence. No building is allowed to be built to surpass the height of the Duomo in Florence.

Florence is also home to Michelangelo’s world famous Statue of David. Thousands of people line up to see this piece of artwork everyday. 

David is a symbolic icon of Florence, and is pictured everywhere. Street artists love to create wall art using the face of David. I loved to look at the different ways David could be portrayed. This was by far my favorite wall painting, because it shows David underwater in goggles. It is super unique. 

Florence is also home to very old and stunning bridges. 

The famous Ponte Vecchio bride has been around since the 1300’s, and is another iconic symbol of Florence. 

The Ponte a Santa Trinita bridge spans all the way back to the 1200’s, and has been rebuild after the 1300’s due to flooding. 

The last thing to do before leaving this city  is to touch the snout of Porcellino of Florence. This attraction is found in the Mercato Nuovo market. Rumor has it that if you touch the snout of this boar, you will one day return to Florence. 

It looks like I will be returning to Florence one day. 

Ciao for Now,



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