The Fisherman Villages 

My next stop after Milan was Cinque Terre! It means “Five Villages” in Italian. These villages are known for their fishing, and beautiful views. All five villages are considered to be a National Park. 

The first Village I traveled to was Riomaggiore! It is full of colorful buildings  and houses right on the cliffs of the sea. In Riomaggiore I got to walk the Trail of Love. This trail is unfortunately very short now due to the mudslides that have been occurring in the Village.

The next Village we stopped at was Vernazza. We stopped here for lunch, and to see the famous castle that overlooks the sea and Village. The castle gave an amazing view and perfect photo opportunities. 

For lunch I enjoyed fresh shrimp, crawfish, and calamari. It was of course delicious. Our view from the restaurant overlooked the sea, and we had an amazing view.

The last Village we stopped at was Monterosso! Our last stop was here so that we could enjoy the beautiful coast, and relax on the beach. 

We enjoyed the clear blue water with the mountains in the background, and of course a gelato or two on the beach. 

I wish we would have gotten an extra day in Cinque Terra, because there is so much to see. However, it was one of my favorite stops we have made in Italy. 

Ciao for Now,



3 thoughts on “The Fisherman Villages 

  1. Holly , The Fisherman Villages look amazing! What beautiful pictures. I I can see why Cinque Terra is your favorite place! The beach & mountains are breathtaking , I know your having the time of your life. I’m so happy for you!
    Love You –

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  2. Beautiful! We are so glad that you decided to create a blog for all of us to enjoy. It’s wonderful seeing all of these villages and mountains. We knew the beaches would be your favorite 🙂 Continue on your great adventure and keep posting. Be safe we Love you …..

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