Ciao Milan 

Ciao Everyone!

A couple of days ago I went to Milan, The fashion headquarters of Italy! Although I didn’t buy any clothes, I did get to see some pretty amazing things. I got to see the famous Duomo in Milan. 

The city was very busy, and the people walking around were high fashion. After having a good night of walking around and having a very delicious dinner, we went back to the hotel to prepare for Lake Como.

Upon Entering Lake Como, we took a cable car to the top of the mountain to get an overlook of the mountains and lake! It was a hike up to the very top, but of course worth it. We got to see some very nice residential areas away from the tourists, and to tour around. 

It was very foggy and humid, making the lake look beautiful and somewhat mysterious. 

We then took a cable car to the bottom of the mountain, and boarded a boat. The boat took us down lake Como. Once we were on the boat, I had breathtaking views of the villages that wrapped along the lake. We got to stop in Bellagio for lunch, a viewing of the local garden center, and see the local shops. 

The garden center was amazing. It was called Villa Carlotta, Museo E Giardino Botanico. It has fresh lemon trees, renaissance houses, and of course, beautiful gardens. 

After visiting Bellagio, we took a boat back, and enjoyed fee time that evening in Milan for dinner.

We had pizza at Da Regina 1985, and it was the BEST pizza in Milan. We got their specialty house pizza. 

My blog is a few days behind due to wifi difficulties, but more to come later.

Ciao for Now,



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