Romeo, Romeo,

Today we went to the beautiful city of Verona!

The architecture is perfecto, and absolutely fascinates me. 

After arriving in Verona, I had free time to roam the streets. There are many shops in the alley ways, and street vendors selling food. 

After looking at the shops, I took a look at one of the oldest operating arena’s in Italy. Although not as old as the Colosseum, there are still events in the arena. 

Verona is most well knows for Juliets balcony from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Letters to Juliet (a movie) was also filmed here. 

The wall next to Juliets balcony is covered in Love notes, broken relationships on bandaids, and signatures.

Probably the weirdest part of the whole trip has been touching Juliets boob for good luck in my relationship.

Afterwards, we walked up 22 flights of stairs in a clock tower to see the breathtaking views of Verona. (Don’t let this picture fool you, I was very out of breath). 

The architecture of the buildings in this region are stunning, and totally worth the climb. 

After climbing over 259 stairs, what better way to treat yourself than with strawberry lemon gelato? 

Afterwards I just pretended to be Lizzie McGuire until the bus came to take is to Milan. 

Ciao for Now,



2 thoughts on “Romeo, Romeo,

  1. Following your blog has been the highlight of my day! I’ve enjoyed seeing all your pictures & what you’ve been doing everyday! It’s amazing & beautiful. So very glad your having this experience . I know your having the time of your life,

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