Viaggio Backpack

Buon Pomeriggio, (Good Afternoon)

As I have been told, Italy is such a beautiful country with so many sights to see. I am so excited to take photos and videos to share with everyone, but lately I have had a few concerns. What should I do with my camera? How do I carry all my stuff when going from place to place? Is it even safe to carry my wallet and camera? With those questions spinning in my head, I decided to get some advise from somebody who has traveled through Italy before, my boyfriends mom, Amy. 

Amy got me a traveler bookbag for my birthday! She used one in Italy and said it was a life saver. 

I was really worried about pickpocketing as a tourist in Italy, but this bookbag makes it near impossible for people to steal my valuables. On the side of the bookbag that touches my back, there is a compartment large enough to fit my camera and wallet. The best thing about the back pocket is that I can change the inteior compartments if I wanted to store other items in it rather than my camera. It had Velcro all around the inside making it easy for me to adapt my bookbag for my needs. 

This bookbag also has ample storage in the top for less important items such as travelers journal, pens, books, etc. 

I am so blessed to have this bookbag for my trip, and being able to safely bring my camera everywhere will make blogging my adventure even more fun! If you have any other travel tips, let me know.

Ciao for Now,


Bookbag Brand and Style 


Photo Hatchback BP 150 AW II 


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